Pavel Obod

Serial IT entrepreneur, investor, networker

Pavel Obod

Serial IT entrepreneur, investor, networker

Top 100 most inspiring people in Ukraine
Editorial staff voted for Top Most Inspiring People. The results and winners of the project have been published in this article.

The preliminary list included more than 200 people who were nominated by readers and editors. The final list included one hundred of the brightest personalities who, with their actions, achievements, stories, inspire Ukrainians to new achievements. When compiling the list, the editors paid attention primarily to how much the heroes inspire with their style of doing business, lifestyle and personal style.


  • CEO в Sloboda Studio Ukraine
    Founder of the IT company Sloboda Studio, founded in 2010, a 100-person IT company with offices in Kharkiv and Cherkasy. Currently the entire staff works remotely
  • Founder and Partner в Growth Factory
    Founder of Growth Factory - EdTech for experienced and novice IT company owners. We help build a system and grow faster than the market through programs and a club.
  • Founder в Outsource People Conference
    One of the projects - Outsource People - is the largest conference on the topic of IT service business in Eastern Europe.
  • Partner в stepINVEST+, stepMONTE
    Co-owner of the stepINVEST+ and stepMONTE group of companies: commercial real estate agencies and investment companies. Co-founder of the stepSHAREs project.
Other projects

Description for media

Currently working in three partially or completely of his projects:

  1. Founder of Sloboda Studio, the IT company founded in 2010 that provides software development services with a focus on the US and European markets, with 100 employees. We take control of the technical part of the business so that startup and medium-sized business owners can do the most important thing - focus directly on development.

  2. Founder of Growth Factory is a consulting and educational business that aims to improve the business level of Eastern European IT companies.
    One of the projects - Outsource People - is the largest conference on the topic of IT service business in Eastern Europe.

  3. Co-owner of the stepINVEST+ and stepMonte group of companies: commercial real estate agency and investment company.
    Co-founder of the fintech project of equity investment in commercial real estate in Kharkiv -stepSHAREs
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  • Brand ambassador of the Payoneer payment platform in Ukraine
  • Since the age of 3, my daughter has traveled with me on business trips to more than 20 countries
  • Still unusual about me ( in my telegram channel (

Areas of competence
  • Service IT business
    Creation and development of IT companies from 0. Strategy and development.
  • Marketing
    Digital marketing, auto funnels, copywriting.
  • Events
    Experience in organizing conferences for up to 1000 people with budgets up to $ 100k in Ukraine, CIS and Poland.
  • Communities
    Created more than 20 IT business communities in Ukraine and Belarus from the CEO, sales and PM clubs.
  • Online education
    Created online courses and programs in programming, IT business.
  • Investments, commercial real estate, passive income.
    Investments in loans, commercial real estate, the stock market and cryptocurrencies.
  • Personal and team development
    I am interested in coaching, study and practice exponential coaching and periodically invite coaches to work with my team
  • How I can help
    Assistance in technical support of business (development, DevOps), knowledge in IT business management and development, as well as in the field of EdTech. Experience in hiring a CEO and exiting the operating system.
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Interesting about me
  • How it all began
    In 2009 I had a six months IT internship in Jordan, where my company Sloboda Studio comes from. It was there that I learned basic Ruby on Rails technology and started getting my first orders. Based on this, I have certain sympathies for the Arabs. In my opinion, their mentality is very similar to the Ukrainians. I also have a good attitude towards Muslim culture, and of course, I do not accept terrorism in any form.
  • Favorite city
    My favorite city is Berlin. This is a very peculiar city that is very different from other European capitals. For most, he may seem poor, variegated, and at the same time insanely tolerant. There is a deep history in it. I also generally like German and European culture.
  • I love learning languages
    I learned English quite late, at about 24 years old, but I speak and write it quite fluently. For the first year and a half I spoke with my daughter only in English. She even remembers something else in this language. I'm currently delving into German, I passed my B2 in Berlin. And now I am preparing for C1 with a teacher. I also studied Chinese and Arabic for half a year, but did not advance further.
  • Love sports
    Now I do yoga, I do jogging professionally with a trainer and individually - rock climbing. There is also mountaineering in my sports life, but to fairly simple peaks, up to the 3rd category. From ascents to famous peaks - Kazbek, the highest point in Georgia; Mont Blanc - the top of the European Union; Damavand is the highest peak in Iran, and of course, Hoverla.
  • Visited 40+ countries
    Most of them were travel for work or volunteer projects, not tourism.
    I took my parents and several other relatives on independent trips three times.
  • Obod party
    Once I gathered all paternal relatives and organized an Obod-party for 30 people. The whole family played paintball, looked at the family tree and old photographs. I try to financially and morally support my relatives.
  • Volunteer background
    Previously, he actively participated in volunteer and social projects - working with schoolchildren with the course "School without Aggression", EURO 2012, exchange internships at AIESEC - in Ukraine, Germany, Spain, Jordan and China.
"Switching between several businesses helps you to look with fresh eyes and be always on our toes."

Pavel Obod

"Switching between several businesses helps you to look with fresh eyes and be always on our toes."
Pavel Obod
Charitable Foundation "SaveTrempel"
Kharkiv Defence Fund
Provides direct assistance to the military on the front line
Kharkiv and the region
Charitable Foundation "Trohi Vognu"
The Trohi Vognu Charitable Foundation helps children from low-income families in socialization and career guidance.
MARTIN Club helps children and women in times of crisis by providing social and human rights services
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